Real Estate Local FAQs.

There are many frequently asked questions and any local real estate area. In our area here at the local Delaware Beaches, the most frequently asked questions are how to get a good deal and if there are any fixer-uppers available.

We are constantly asked if there any good deals available. The ironic part of this is the person who asked that would not have enough data or awareness or knowledge or information to know if a property is a good deal or not. In our area fixer-uppers are seldom good deal. Frequently the land value of real estate here is 75 to 100% of the price of the property.

We have a cute little cottage for sale now in the second block from the ocean for $1 million, and the land is worth $1 million. Ten miles west of the beach we have a home for sale a large lot for $180,000. The lot is worth $200,000. However, the house needs to be torn down, so we have reduced the price of a lot by the amount you will take to remove the house. Is either one of these homes, a good deal? No! In each case, the land is a good deal. In the first case, the home is worth zero and in the second case, the home is a liability.

Another question, I am asked us if we are buying at the top of the market now. I have been asked that question for 35 years, and I have heard it asked for 30 years before that. When I first heard the question, beach lots were selling for $25 that are now going for $1 million or more. Every year, there have been people who think the market has topped out, and they will wait and get a better purchase price.

My answer to the question of whether the market will go down or not is that it will not go down. And if you want a good deal the best deal is to buy now before the price goes up, because it will continue to go up, as it has in the past.

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Jody Hudson has been a realtor in America and Delaware for 35 years.

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