Real Estate Tips for First-Time Land Property Sellers

Now, you want to sell land for the first time. Selling a land property at a profit can be a great way to make some extra cash. Being prepared and knowledgeable can take luck out of the equation. The first thing to consider is that, just like any endeavor, it may take some time and effort to get your land property sold.

Many first-time land sellers often fail to quickly sell their property because of a lack of experience and knowledge. That's why you should work with experts and do your research to know the secrets of a successful land sale.

If you're reading this right now, you're in the right place because this blog post is meant for newbie land sellers like you. So, read on below for some practical tips on how to sell your land.

Hire a Real Estate Agent Who Specializes in Selling Land

Hiring a real estate professional should be one of your top priorities when selling land. You have to know that selling a house is different from selling land, so it's advised to work with an agent specializing in selling land properties. 

If you have a professional on your side who can inform you of the real estate market and give you some effective marketing strategies, it's more likely that you can quickly sell your property. Working with a real estate agent also lessens your workload throughout the land selling process.

Don't Price Your Property Too High

Be reasonable when it comes to pricing the land you're going to sell. Your agent can help you with the pricing, or if you're selling land by yourself, you can look at comparable land properties that are selling in your area to know how to set a competitive price.

Interested buyers will always go for a reasonably priced property. The more competitive price of a price you can offer, the higher your chances of selling it fast. Since it's challenging to find financing for land purchases, potential buyers will be more likely to buy your land in cash as long as you don't price it too high.

Giving a reasonable price for the property assures your interested buyers that this is a good deal that they should jump on. For sure, you should earn profits from the sale, but always remember that many people are now smart when buying real estate properties nowadays. If you don't want your land to stay in the market for a long time, you should price it well.

Be Honest in Giving Buyers the Information

When presenting and listing the property, you must give buyers essential information about the land you're selling. Information is crucial for buyers when deciding on whether to buy a property or not. If you're not honest or leave out important details, it may derail the sale or cause some problems on your part.

Get all the essential information about the property by visiting the county office or the land registry. Them, make sure to include all the essential details in your listing. Gather necessary information about the property, such as boundaries, zoning, soil condition, land use, etc.

By reading the info on your listing, buyers will get an idea of how to make use of the land or whether it's a good investment.

Create a Quality Listing

It isn't easy to make your land listing stand out from the rest of listings, especially if it's your first time doing it, however creating a quality listing is among the most important elements in selling land.

If you compare land listings with home listings, the difference is noticeable in that home listings are easier to list because there's already a structure or building that adds value to the visual appeal and listing description. Listing vacant lots, on the other hand, requires more creativity to describe what you're selling.

Of course, it's a must to include photos of the land. Hire a professional photographer who has experience in taking pictures of real estate properties. Professional photos highlighting the excellent features and views of the property create a good impression on the buyers. Aside from images, you should include a map and survey in your land listing.

It would help if you also invited interested buyers to visit the property. But before you accept visitors, make sure to show your property at its best. Do a clean-up, trim the grass, plant some ornamental plants, and make the land presentable.

Increase the Visibility of Your Listing

The more people know that you're selling land, the more likely you can sell it fast. One great way to do that is to choose an online multiple listing service that targets people who want to purchase land. It's also crucial to market your property on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Email marketing is also an excellent way to reach out to interested land buyers. For instance, you can send emails to your contact list to inform them that you have land for sale.

Put an Effective "Land for Sale" Sign

Along with online listings, you should also put a "Land for Sale" sign in your property. It's a traditional yet effective way to market the property you're selling. You won't also run out of money because this marketing tactic is very affordable.

Use a custom-made sign that looks clean and professional. Make sure that it quickly catches the attention of people going by the property. It would be best if you put it in an area where it's visible to passers-by.

Talk with Property Owners Nearby

Don't leave out the possibility that there might be nearby property owners interested in buying your land. Many property owners want to purchase land that's close to their properties. Make sure to knock on doors and talk with your neighbors if they're interested in buying your vacant lot.


If it's your first time to sell land, you should equip yourself with knowledge on how to do it well. Hire a real estate professional, know the real estate market, and study land marketing strategies to sell it quickly. Take note of the tips mentioned above for that purpose.

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