When Is The Best Time To Spray For Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes carry disease. Of course, not every mosquito is carrying a deadly virus but the potential exists. That’s a good reason not to want to be bitten by these pests. Alongside this, their bites tend to be itchy, making them uncomfortable and annoying.

Mosquitoes are not great flyers but they are adept at sneaking up on you, despite the distinctive sound of their wings. This means you can’t rely on swatting them to eliminate them, although sitting near a fan will keep them from getting to your body.

Many people prefer to spray for mosquitoes, a process often referred to as fogging. You can do this yourself or you may prefer to find out more about local companies that can do this for you.

What Is Fogging?

Fogging basically means spraying a chemical into the air and allowing it to create a fog. The mosquitoes within that fog have no choice but to breathe in the fogged air. In the process, they will absorb the chemicals and these will kill the mosquito.

It is important to note that the insecticide in fogging is a synthetic pyrethroid and it takes a tiny amount of it to kill a mosquito. That allows the chemical element of the fogger to be very low, ensuring that humans and pets cannot absorb enough to cause any health issues.

It is possible to apply this yourself but most people are more comfortable if they check over here and use a listed professional.

When To Fog

Mosquitoes are surprisingly tough. The female lives for approximately six weeks and spends all her time drinking human blood and laying eggs, ensuring the survival of mosquitoes. The male-only lives for a few days and his job is solely assisting in creating viable eggs.

Mosquitoes basically shut down their bodies in cold weather, reactivating them when the weather warms.

That means you are most likely to see mosquitoes at the beginning of the spring. The timing of this may change from year to year as the mosquitoes don’t recognize our definition of spring. They will simply start flying again when the temperature rises.

The beginning of spring or when you see your first mosquito of the year is a great time to start fogging.

However, it is important to note that mosquitoes breed quickly. To minimize their success and their numbers you’re going to need to fog every 30 days throughout the season.

Time Of Day

Mosquitoes like warmth but they don’t like too much direct sun. that’s why you tend to see them more at dusk and dawn. This is the best time to spray as you are likely to get most, if not all the mosquitoes in your area.

This is also a nice time of day to be spraying and easy to ensure that children and pets are out of the way.

Combine fogging with eliminating standing water and using nets on your doors and windows and you should be able to enjoy a mosquito-free summer.

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