Different Career Opportunities In Consumer Credit And Debt Counseling

Finance market is wide and varied and there are lots of opportunities to make money in it. If you are thinking of making it as your career then there is no reason to believe that it is all about marketing loans or collecting dues. There are several other areas in which you can excel if you know about these areas, their requirements and scopes.

These areas are highly rewarding and challenging. Most grads now, MBA and otherwise are choosing this as their career finding it to be highly innovative and continuously evolving. There are different debt relief and other similar companies that even diversify their services in several areas that you can hardly imagine. You can take up jobs in areas such as:

  • Credit counseling
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Research and development.

All these are provided through different credit counseling programs that help the debtors to improve the quality of their life as well as the financial health. You can teach people how to manage their debts, finance and create budgets according to their financial conditions.

Just look out for a leading company in the field of consumer credit counseling and financial education area and consider their career opportunities offered to you.

Quality and compliance

You can choose your career in the finance market as a quality and compliance project assistant. This is a specific job that has the following features:

  • The job is offered by the Quality Assurance Department and
  • You will have to report to the manager of quality assurance.

Your job position will include working with the Quality Assurance Manager directly and you will help the institute continually work towards improving quality service and compliance. The major areas of focus in this type of job include:

  • Maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Overseeing continual improvement projects
  • COA accreditations
  • Completing large and fair share applications from the creditors
  • Researching and reporting according to federal and state regulatory norms
  • Solving compliance issues
  • Assisting and working with the manager for reporting
  • Gathering, entering and analyzing creditor data from share and grant applications for preparing reports
  • Industry reporting for collection of statistics and reporting data for trade associations
  • Acting as a PQI coordinator for procurement and maintaining COA accreditation
  • Project liaison with QA manager and members of management
  • Facilitating continual improvement projects
  • Following escalation issues to completion of a project and
  • Taking any necessary follow-up action with respective departments.

Apart from a Bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience the position will also require other qualifications such as:

  • Being a self-starter
  • Having excellent communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to manage several assignments
  • Dealing with conflicting priorities
  • Effective time management skills
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to interact and work in and as a team
  • Ability to grasp verbal and written information
  • Ability to present information in a concise and clear manner and have
  • Other specialized knowledge, though this is not mandatory.

You must also have proper licenses and certifications with or without and experience in supervisor jobs.

There is also few added knowledge required such as:

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Basic mathematical and calculating skills
  • Ability to interpret documents
  • Knowledge of safety rules
  • Now and follow the operating and maintenance instructions
  • Implement procedure manuals and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Ability to write correspondence for clients and
  • Knowledge of telephone etiquette.

The working conditions and environment of a quality and compliance project assistant may require some physical standards such as ability to sit or stand for long periods. Apart from that, to ensure proper filing of the documents and storing materials, you may also require to have the physical strength to lift these reaching above your shoulder heights or below the waist level. Such weight may be up to 25 pounds on specific occasion.

As for the work environment, you will be working in a general office that may have moderate noise level. The management may also assign and reassign specific responsibilities and duties at any point of time throughout the day.

Last but not least do not expect anything in this position as a contractual obligation because responsibilities are modified for an employee at will status. That means, this job can also be taken up by a qualified person with disabilities. Job responsibilities and reasonable accommodations may be arranged to perform the crucial job functions.

Marketing assistant

Opting for a job at or any other, you may also choose to be their marketing assistant. This is a specific job that is restricted to the education and development department of the organization. You will need to report to the supervisor or the marketing manager. Your job responsibility will primarily include:

  • Compiling, formatting, and updating reporting information
  • Participating in researching
  • Creating or editing content of marketing initiatives, collateral, external and internal blogs, press releases, web pages, new stories, and others
  • Scoring, reporting, and inputting data
  • Printing certificates
  • Mailing and communications with internal intranet
  • Helping on marketing projects
  • Assisting in coordination and market research
  • Taking messages and routing calls to desired person
  • Answering client phone inquiries
  • Taking meeting minutes
  • Compiling and distributing consumer educational packages
  • Updating inventory sheets
  • Coordinating document changes
  • Maintaining monthly marketing reporting
  • Assisting with the marketing budget
  • Assisting with data entry, filing, reporting and monthly workshop paperwork
  • Drafting marketing e-newsletter every month
  • Assisting visual marketing content creation and
  • Other duties as assigned.

The qualification and physical requirements remaining more or less similar to that of the quality and compliance project assistant, for this job you will also need to have excellent knowledge in MS Office, CRM tools, SEO and SEM practices, online analytics, blogging software and also have the ability to multitask.

Credit counselor

You may also choose to be a credit counselor if you are not very keen in marketing. As a credit counselor you will talk to the financially distressed clients and help them to develop tailored financial plans including budgeting, debt management strategies, and credit remediation options. You will be the most significant link when it comes to debt consolidation, settlement and other debt relief options. There are hundreds of people who have made credit counseling their career and have been very successful. Choose any of these career options according to your ability.

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