How To Locate Where The Ants in Your House Are Coming From

If you see one ant in your home then there is a good chance there will be more. This is because ants work together. Although they will look for food separately, once they have found the food they will leave a pheromone trail that other ants can follow. This allows other ants to collect the food and take it back to the nest.

They will keep coming back until they have exhausted the food supply and made sure there isn’t any more food nearby. This is why one of the best ways to keep ants out of your home is to keep all food containers clean and store all open food in containers.

If you think you have an ant issue you may want to talk to your local pest control company, you can check out here who they are. They will be able to help you eliminate the ants from your home and, if necessary, destroy the ant nest. It should be noted this is usually only necessary if the nest is very close to your home.

What Attracts Ants

Alongside sugary foods that they need to survive, ants are attracted to moist areas. It is even possible they will start a new nest in your home if they find the right spot. Some of the most common ant spots in your home are near the motor of your refrigerator, behind the wallpaper, in wall cracks, and near any floor drains.

By eliminating damp and making sure food is properly sealed you can dramatically reduce the appeal of your home to ants.

Locating Their Origin

The fact that ants leave a pheromone trail and follow each other makes it a little easier to work out how they are getting into your home. You simply need to follow the ant trail.

If you are very lucky you can watch the ant head all the way to a nest or a crack in your wall that allows them to get outside your home to their nest. They may even have a nest below your flooring.

However, it can be hard to watch ants and figure out where they are coming from when you only see a couple of them.

In this instance, you’ll want to use a trap. The best option is to place a small saucer near where you have previously seen ants. On the saucer put an equal amount of honey on one end and peanut butter on the other. Then simply leave the lid and watch.

At some point the ants will head toward it, you’ll know when they are leaving and can follow them to their nest or entry point.

It’s worth noting ants are mainly nocturnal. The best time to watch them is in the evening when it’s getting dark, you’ll need a torch!

Keeping The Ants Out

 Once you have located how they are getting in and out you can simply seal the entry point with some sealant and wipe away the pheromone trail with some vinegar and water.

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