Keep Clients’ Kids Entertained to Close a Deal

If you are a real estate agent and are trying to find ways that you can close deals better, then you definitely want to consider how you can keep your potential clients’ attention as long as possible. One of those ways is by making sure that they are not distracted. One of the most common distractions for a potential client is their children. When a potential client has children in the mix, they often are not able to focus on the deal at hand. Instead, they are thinking about how to end the transaction as soon as possible, so that their kid will not embarrass them.

Rather than make a prospective client feel worse about their child, which they more than likely had no other option than to bring them with them, you could instead accommodate their children. Do more than just accommodate a child’s presence, and you will win your way into a potential buyer’s heart. Even more important, though, you will be able to have their undivided attention while you make your sales pitch.

If you are trying to keep a potential buyer’s children entertained during a sales pitch for a particular property, then you definitely want to figure out their weakness. For most of today’s youth, that would be their phone or video game. Since you can’t go out and provide children with a new phone and corresponding phone line and data plan, then the next best thing for you to do is to set up a gaming system kids can enjoy. Set up a Wii for the kids to play, and you will keep them out of your hair while you try to make your sale. An added bonus will be that the parents will be able to admire a big-screen TV in-situ, and think about how they would enjoy using that space. Even better would be if you have so much success with the Wii that the kids are won over, and try to sell the parents on sticking around longer, or moving in and having an entertainment system just like the one that is on display in the staged home. If you employ the right distraction techniques, you may find that they are pretty darn convincing in making that sale for you.

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