Sweeten the Deal for an Easy Sell

If you are a real estate agent and your sales have been a little stagnant lately, it might be time to switch up your approach to sales. In a classic staged home, there is a rather stale feeling to the home. The same bland furniture, faux rugs, and extra polished feel is available in pretty much any house a potential buyer walks into. Sometimes, it can be difficult for a buyer to let their guard down and imagine how the space could really be transformed into their personal home. That is where you come in. More than just rattling off statistics, it is your job to ensure that your potential buyers experience the home in an emotional way as well. You want to help them connect with the space on multiple levels.

If you want your potential buyers to connect with a space in a new way, then it is time to start offering something that will soften them up a bit and relax them in a way that numbers and dollar signs will never be able to achieve. Rather than keep the environment sterile in order to save work later on, offer some small refreshments that will put potential buyers immediately at ease. A small box of See’s, for example, is an easy way to immediately lift people’s spirits and relax them at the same time. While at the home, you will find they are much more comfortable and easy to talk to. What you will not see, however, is that after they leave, that connection they made with the chocolate and brighter mood as a result will be associated with the house itself.

If you want your potential buyers to have a fantastic impression of a space and its ability to serve as their future home, you definitely need to consider how to positively impact them during their visit to the home. It will not be long before your prospective buyers come back looking for me- and whether it is for more chocolates or a second look at the house, either way they are coming back to you for another opportunity to make your sale.

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