5 Helpful Mosquito Control Tips for Spring

After a long winter, most Americans look forward to spring – the green grass, the fresh air, and the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors. You know who also looks forward to spring? Pests, such as mosquitoes, ants, mice, and other insects. These critters are also coming out of hiding after a long winter. To help keep them away, we’ve created this guide of five mosquito and pest control tips for spring.

Eliminate Standing Water

One of the most important things you can do is to eliminate standing water from your yard. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so this is an important mosquito control tip that will lower the spread of mosquitoes in your yard.

To get started, scan your yard and locate anything that may collect rainwater. Some of these things don’t need to be out and could be stored or disposed of instead. These things could include tires, cans, and other water-collecting receptacles. Other objects may need to stay out such as garbage and recycling containers. You can reduce standing water by tipping these containers over when they are not in use or drilling some small holes in the bottom so the water can drain out. As a final step, make sure you also clean out your gutters so water does not pool but instead flows properly.

Seal Entry Points

The worst thing about pests is when they find a way into your home, so the most basic pest control tip is to rid them of chances to enter your home by sealing up entry points.

Walk around the outside of your home paying close attention to windows and doors in particular. You’re looking for any holes or cracks that may allow pests to slip in. If you find them, you can seal them tight. You should also look for broken screens in your windows and doors and replace any you find.

Some homeowners also advise that sealing off the space under your porch or deck is and effective pest control tip. By adding a mesh or wooden barrier, you can block the space off and therefore prevent four-legged pests (raccoons, skunks, etc.) from getting in.

Keep Wood, Debris, Mulch and Vegetation Away from the House

If you’ve sealed all the cracks and replaced all broken screens, you will do a good job of keeping a lot of pests out. However, another effective pest control tip is to keep the pests as far away from your house as you can, and this means moving wood, debris, mulch and vegetation away from your house.

Leftover firewood and other debris tempt wood-boring beetles and termites closer to your home. Who’s to say that when they’re snacking on those items they might not start snacking on the wood of your home as well? Wood, debris, and brush can also tempt bees and wasps to set up a home.

When it comes to mulch and vegetation, these are commonly used around the home to give your house curb appeal. However, there should be a small plant-free zone directly next to your home to keep the pests away. Mulch attracts a range of insects and shrubs and plants can act as a bridge to your home. Moving these things further away from your house is a simple pest control tip that works.

Clean and Reduce Clutter

So far we have focused on outdoor pest control tips. However, you can also make your home less attractive to pests by cleaning and reducing the clutter.

It is especially important to keep the kitchen clean because all of those traces of grease and food will lure pests in. Clean out your cabinets and put all food in air-tight containers. Wipe down the counters and keep the floors clean too.

In other areas of your house, like the basement, attic or garage, you’ll want to reduce clutter so as not to give pests safe hiding spots. Pack your items in plastic totes with tight lids that cannot be penetrated and keep your storage spaces well-organized.

Mosquito Control Systems for Your Backyard

These basic pest and mosquito control tips should help you keep the pests out of your home and lower the mosquito populations outside. However, even following these tips may not completely get rid of your mosquito and other pest problems. To truly control the mosquitoes in your outdoor space you should invest in an effective mosquito control system.

Some mosquito control systems use harmful pesticides and cost a lot of money. However, Barefoot Mosquito Control Sytem uses an organic, natural mosquito control formula that will eliminate up to 90 percent of the mosquitoes while also being safe for your family and pets.

Enjoy this beautiful season without being bothered by annoying pests by implementing the proper pest and mosquito control solution.

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