Choosing a Home near a Golf Course

Upscale golf courses can offer some pretty captivating views. The lush foliage on and off the fairway, manicured greens, sand traps and water hazards can all combine for some pretty impressive scenery. Add a bit of morning fog or dew or some early evening sunsets and the effect can be spectacular. Buying a home in a golf course community may be appealing for a golfer but there are a few basic things that should be considered before signing on the dotted line for such a large purchase.

On or off the Golf Course

All golf course communities offer homes sites right next to the actual golf course. Most offer locations that are near the course but far enough away that balls hit errantly will not land in your yard. If you choose a lot that is right next to the golf course it is important to know where the Tee boxes are and where the greens are in relation to the lot. Being close to a Tee box may mean extra noise from golfers who pass on by. Being too close to a green may mean wayward golf balls will end up in your yard. Fairway shots may also be an issue if there is not much setback between the course and your back yard.

Community Appeal

You do not have to be a golfer to purchase and enjoy a home in a golf course community. However, it is important to know what the community offers in addition to the obvious. Golf course communities tend to offer higher end homes because they often cater to more affluent people. Many of them also have a nice clubhouse with a restaurant and bar area. Being close to other amenities such as local shopping areas or schools may be an added bonus.

Established or New

It is important to know if the golf course community has been around for a long time or if it is fairly new. Also need to know information is whether or not the construction of new homes is ongoing. This type of information and more can generally be obtained by contacting the developer, builder or real estate agent familiar with the neighbourhood and the plans for future development. Knowing where the construction will take place will give you a sense of whether or not you will be dealing with construction traffic near the home that you are thinking of buying.


One important point often missed when considering a home purchase is resale down the road. Check into the history of home sales in the neighbourhood and compare them to the local area real estate market. Advance planning and research will answer a lot of questions that may be important now and in the future. 

Crown Isle real estate has a variety of upscale homes that include single family, patio homes, and condos that are near or bordering on a great golf course setting.

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