The Most Common Staging Mistakes Every Seller Should Avoid

Selling a home is a task that few people want to take on. Selling their home can be not only difficult emotionally, but many people also struggle to sell their home as quickly or as lucratively as they had hoped.

It is essential for every seller to know what they need to do in order to improve their chances of getting a successful sale. This means not only working with the right realtors, but also making sure the home is at its most presentable condition. Here are the most common staging mistakes that every seller needs to avoid and how they can create the ideal home look for sale.

Not leaving services hooked up

When a person is getting ready to move out of a home, it is common for them to want to get all of their things out of the space and shut down everything that is using money in the home. Even though it seems most financially responsible, it can be very beneficial to use offers from Directv to leave certain services like TV and internet on while people look at the home.

Keeping the décor in a very personal style

Everyone has their own unique tastes when it comes to home décor. This means that one person’s style might not fit in with another person’s. Sellers should be aware of this and try to model their home in a more crowd-pleasing way. Stay clear of extreme trends and stick with soft colors.

Forgetting to clean out storage spaces

It is common for people to clean up clutter around the home and simply pile it into a storage space in the home. Though this strategy might work when guests are coming over, it will not be good for potential buyers. Buyers will look in each storage space, so every space should be cleaned out and organized so they can see its true potential.

Not maintaining a lot of open space

In a typical open house, there are a lot of people filtering in and out of the home. Having a home that is filled with furniture can quickly feel crowded and stuffy when a lot of people are in the space. Try to keep the bare minimum in each room to leave a lot of open space for people to move around in.

Not putting time into curb appeal

Curb appeal is still a huge factor in selling any home. It is important for sellers to know what will draw the eye and how to make their home stand out from the rest in person and online. Usually, this just requires some basis lawn upkeep and home maintenance.

Leaving an unpleasant smell

The smell of a home is often the last thing people think about. However, an off-putting smell can send buyers running out the door. Consider getting rid of odors and filling the space with fresh flowers or other items that will leave a clean and fresh scent.


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