How Does Selling Homes for Cash Work?


When you sell a house to a cash buyer, it’s as simple as that. You provide the relevant details of your home and make an appointment with a reputable home buying company (we provide our own free valuation service). As soon as you’ve agreed on the price, we can close the deal in just two weeks. It doesn’t matter how much equity is tied up in your property or how long it has been since it was last sold—all we need to know is how much money you want for it.

You accept that your house has to be sold.

You have to accept the fact that your house has to be sold.

Don’t try to sell it yourself, don't try to rent it out, and don’t try to use a real estate agent. If you do then this whole process will take longer than if you just accept that your house needs to be sold.

Get in touch with a reputable home buying company.

The next step is to find a reputable home buying company. There are many online resources to help you do this, including the BBB and Yelp reviews. You can also ask family, friends and neighbors for referrals; they may have used such services in the past and can provide insight into how well they worked out.

You want to be wary of companies that offer to buy your house for cash but offer less than its worth (or even nothing at all). A typical scenario might be one where a homeowner is desperate because he has lost his job, or perhaps his health insurance coverage has lapsed. He offers his house for sale at what he thinks is a bargain price but does not realize that in this market especially most homes are selling above asking price or being sold within hours after being listed on the market with multiple offers coming in from buyers who compete against each other by offering more money than anyone else would spend on such properties. If someone comes along offering far less than what these properties cost—and especially if they want it right now—it could mean trouble ahead!

Provide the relevant details of your home.

  • Get your home appraised. You'll need an appraisal to get a fair price for your home, so make sure you have one before beginning the process.
  • Have all necessary paperwork in order. In order to sell a home for cash on the spot, there are some documents that will be required by both parties (seller and buyer). Things like proof of ownership and any other legal documentation will help ensure everything goes smoothly when selling your house for cash.
  • Provide photos of your property. Your real estate agent should take pictures of the exterior and interior of your house before showing it to potential buyers who want to purchase homes for cash only - this is because these images might not be available from other sources such as Google Earth or Google Maps!

Fit an appointment into your schedule.

The next step is to fit an appointment into your schedule. The company will call and set up a time for you to meet with one of their representatives, who will come and give you a quote for the home you want to sell. If you accept it, then they'll close on the house within 48 hours as long as everything is in order with your mortgage. If not, no worries—they'll leave without charging anything!

Submit an offer and close the deal.

Now that you’re ready to submit an offer, it's important that you make sure it's fair and reasonable. You should have researched the market value of the home and know what others are selling for. The best thing about selling your home for cash is that there are no appraisals needed! If you can get a price close to what other homes in the area sell for, then chances are high that your property will move quickly and easily.

The next step after submitting an offer is waiting for acceptance or rejection by the seller (or their agent). Once they accept your offer, then it's time to work together with their real estate attorney on getting all of the paperwork prepared so that both parties understand each other fully before closing on this deal.

Selling a house to a cash buyer is as simple as that.

When you sell your house to a cash buyer, the process is as simple as that. There are no repairs or renovations to worry about, no waiting for a bank loan approval and no need for an inspection. Simply list your property with us and we'll do all the legwork! You'll get cash in hand!


In summary, if you have an unwanted or unoccupied property then selling it for cash is the right option. It’s quick and easy, so there are no complications when it comes to getting your hands on the money you need. Now that you know how this works, go out there and find yourself a buyer. If you need help, we buy homes in Kansas City, give us a call now!

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