Things to Do When Moving to a Newly-Bought House

Congratulations, you have bought your new house! With all the transactions you had to do and the papers you needed to sign, we know that you are dying to finally move to your new flat. But do not get too excited just yet! You still have some things to do to ensure you have the best, safe, and secure relocation experience. Here is a checklist of the first things to do when moving to a newly-bought house:

Secure Your Home

Security should be one of your top priorities when moving to a new house. You might have researched the crime rate in your area, but you still need to double-check that all of the entrances to your home are secure. It is better to be safe than sorry.

It is also wise to change the door locks of your new house, especially if another family previously occupied the place. You would not want the previous homeowners to have access to your home. Even if your house is just newly constructed, you would still want to change locks as you do not know how many people have a key to your home. If you have a garage, do not forget to change the garage security code as well.

Do a Safety Check

Aside from security, your family’s safety should also be your top priority. Inspect everything and check every corner of the house. Find the necessary switches, valves, or emergency devices that you need to use or turn off in case of emergencies. Your home inspector might have already told you about the locations of these things, but it is good practice to check them yourself and understand how they work. Here is a list of steps you need to consider when doing a safety check:

Find the circuit box.

The circuit breaker box is the first thing you should shut off in case of power-related emergencies. The box usually has several switches that connect to various areas of the house. Make sure to understand how the box works and how to turn off these switches. Label each switch, so you know which goes to which room or area of your new home.

Find the main water shut-off valve.

Aside from electricity, you also need to find the shut-off valve for your home’s water system. It is essential to figure out how you can turn them off in case of plumbing problems such as faucet breaks and leaks. Most water valves are difficult to shut off without a tool, so make sure that you have the necessary tools ready.

Look for the gas shut-off valve.

It is vital to know where the gas shut-off valve is as you need to shut this off during a natural disaster. Knowing its location also allows you to turn it off right away in case of a gas leak.

Check the smoke detectors.

Smoke detectors are essential to ensure your family’s safety in case of a possible fire breakout. Ensure that these detectors still work, especially if they are not new. Install fresh batteries, or replace them altogether if they are not working at all.

Connect utilities

To have a smooth relocation experience, connect your utilities such as your electricity, gas, and water before moving in. This way, you can also double-check if they are working. You would not want to move into a new house, only to find out that there is no electricity or water yet. If the house had occupants before, make sure that the previous homeowners do not have an outstanding bill.

While you’re at it, you can also check your cooling and heating systems. These systems may blow up your electric bill if they are not functioning correctly, so it is wise to inspect them. Check this article to learn about some tips on how to save heating and cooling costs in your new home.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

Just like electricity and water, having an internet connection is basically a necessity already. You would not want to live in a new house without the Internet, especially if you are working from home. Thus, contact your Internet Service Provider and schedule an appointment ahead of time.

Clean Every Area of Your New House

Before moving your furniture, appliances, and other stuff into your new home, check first every corner of the house and make sure they are clean. The previous homeowners may not have done a thorough cleaning before they left. Even if your property is newly constructed, the construction company and workers may have left dust and dirt in various places in the house. Make sure to check every area, especially the kitchen and bathrooms, where cleanliness is a priority.

Rent a Storage Facility

Relocating can be an exhausting and stressful process if you need to move many furniture, appliances, and heavy boxes. Besides transporting your belongings from your old house, you also need to shift and arrange them in your new flat. To make your moving experience more manageable, consider renting a storage facility near your new home first.

Store those items that are not too essential in the self-storage unit. This way, you can first arrange your main furniture and appliances in your new flat. Once you get the feeling of your new home, you can decide afterwards how you will add your other belongings into the house. This tip will help you organise your items better and ultimately will help you save space.

Storage facilities are now in demand whether you live in a busy city like London or a market town like Horsham. If you live in Horsham, book a self storage facility in Horsham ahead of your moving schedule to avoid any hassle.

Change Your Address

Now that you are going to live in a new location, you have to update your information and notify important people of your new address. For instance, you need to update your driver’s license, credit card, and investment accounts. You also need to update the information on your online subscriptions and apps, such as your delivery and rideshare apps. Do not forget to inform some people, such as your employer and relatives, about your move. Your employer might need your new address for tax forms, and your relative might visit your old address if you do not inform them that you are changing your address.

After doing all these necessary steps, you can now move to your new house and celebrate with your family. Consider having a housewarming party and invite your family and friends to celebrate this achievement. It is also a good idea to introduce yourself to the neighbours! The more people you know in the area, the better you can adjust to your new home. Moving to a new house is a rare opportunity, so make sure to embrace this change and have fun!

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