Walk in Showers: A Thoughtful Makeover

Have you ever given your bathroom an inspection and felt like there was something missing or off with its design? Maybe everything felt okay, but you were just in a mood that you wanted to change something and you didn’t know what. It’s understandable, because more often than not redesigning a bathroom can lead to very heavy price tag. However, there is another approach you could take with your bathroom – you could design something to be different by instead taking that very thing away.

A minimalist approach

You might not have considered it before, but the lift that your bathroom needs might just be - a walk in shower. The bath might be looking a little too clunky for you, taking too much space or even making it inconvenient to bathe. This is the kind of redesign that benefits smaller bathrooms the most, but it still has a rather thoughtful effect when used on bathrooms with more space. Having a proper walk in shower gives everything a more open look, which actually makes it look more comfortable and inviting.

Cost and efficiency will never be an issue

Replacing your bath, or even just adding a walk in shower as an extra element is relatively cost-effective. After all, it isn’t adding much. Instead it’s taking away all the extra space that your bath might have been using and replacing it with something sleeker and streamlined. You won’t have to worry about any kind of clogs either, which you might have had to deal with more than a few times with your bathtub. Overall, it’s easy and comfortable to use, it won’t inconvenience you too much and it will look great.

It’s accessible to everyone

Those who need a wheelchair to get around know how difficult it can be to use the bathroom and take baths. Utilising this minimalist feature will mean that not only will you have a more convenient time, but anyone who has had problems using baths in the past will be able to enjoy its benefits as well. It’s not only beneficial to you, but to just about everyone else.

All in all, the benefits of walk in showers – from convenience to cost – make it an excellent addition to any home. It’s an incredibly thoughtful design choice that not only looks and feels great, but also helps people who may have trouble bathing using a traditional bath. It’s a feature that you will no doubt be smiling at as you decide to inspect your bathroom after adding it. As if that wasn’t enough, because of its open nature you’ll be able to show off the interior of the shower with all sorts of different designs. Although it’s considered a minimalist’s choice, it has so much to offer.


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